Data Center Build



Parity has been at the vanguard of cloud and virtualization technology adoption, helping businesses accelerate growth and provide a better digital experience. The goal of our firm in the digital era is to build a contemporary IT data center that provides service-oriented and secure data center infrastructure services. To increase agility, we help enterprises build best-in-class, next-generation hybrid data center management architecture. This enables IT to provide users with consistent and secure data center services and experiences. Process automation and service orchestration for IT service management are two of our data center management offerings. Parity has assisted a number of businesses in effectively shifting to global data centers, and we presently manage hundreds of servers for a variety of businesses. Parity leads you to a data center that prioritizes reliability, efficiency, and security.
Parity’s data center infrastructure management services helped IT lower total cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency.

Phases To Build Data Center


The Parity team assesses your requirements and creates a project plan.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

  • Perform a requirements analysis.
  • Determine and assess your company’s needs.
  • Examine the technology and solution’s viability.
  • Make a financial plan.



We will give you with a detailed layout of your Data Center.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

  • Locating an appropriate location
  • Assessment of the risks
  • Recognizing specs and guidelines
  • Begin the implementation.



The Parity team begins construction on the Data Center based on design review and approval.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

  • Administration of vendors
  • Supervision of sourcing
  • Ground-level coordinating
  • Layout conformity
  • Management of Risk & Time


Hand Over

Following the completion of the Data Center, a thorough handover procedure commences.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

  • Integration of Testing
  • In-plant trials
  • Documentation of Guidance
  • Upskilling
  • Establishing a knowledge foundation


Parity helps to enhance the performance after handover of the project.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

  • Inspection of the equipment
  • Assessment of risk and gap
  • Consulting solution for obligations




The professionals at Parity Data Center will continue to assist you in
improving your performance.
The deliverables for this stage are as follows:

·       Continuous monitoring of regularities.

·        Amplifying the efficiency of energy.

·        Enhancement of procedure.