Compute and storage


Strategy and Architecture

Wherever you are on your cloud or digital transformation journey, our services can help.
We collaborate with you to develop your architecture, including security, resilience, and management models into a workable solution that fulfils your business requirements.
We understand the need for cloud solutions that preserve existing investments while also allowing enterprises to take advantage of hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler models.
Parity adds value beyond cloud-only demands by recognizing the challenges and complexities of today’s and hybrid IT settings.
This business-ready plan incorporates the newest cloud technologies, including Kubernetes, network cloudification, 5G & edge, AIOps, self-service orchestration, and automation, to help you innovate securely.
We can reduce risks by separating workloads and data among resilient cloud platforms, decreasing downtime and allowing for a simplified recovery plan if we work together.

Migration and modernization

Parity Cloud Services assists our customers in establishing safe, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments using their preferred cloud provider.
Many of our clients start with an end-to-end managed IT Portfolio Discovery for infrastructure and apps, which includes extensive dependency mapping to make migration sequencing and wave group derivation easier.
On RHEL, AIX, Windows, and Databases, we can also containerize workloads and conduct platform-at-scale changes.
Our Multi-cloud Deployment Services (MCDS) are a multi-cloud development solution that allows businesses to upgrade their infrastructure and apps.
Our services are pre-integrated and tested with a variety of infrastructure, application, and cloud services, allowing you to move to the cloud with more agility, efficiency, security, and predictability.

Public and Private Cloud:

Private Cloud Services:
Parity Private Cloud provides a fast and secure single-tenant private cloud architecture for your cloud applications, allowing your company to upgrade its on-premises infrastructure.
Your important private workloads are securely handled with services for computing, storage, and data center networking, with the added ease of monthly invoicing for only the infrastructure you need.
Public Cloud and Multi-cloud:
Our Cloud Services help determine which workloads are right for public cloud and which should continue in a private cloud.

Managed Cloud Services

To simplify operations and eliminate boring chores, IT needs to streamline management. This is especially critical in hybrid IT and multi-cloud scenarios, because managing these complex and diverse systems necessitates numerous skill sets.Many companies lack these capabilities in-house and are searching for a partner to help them bridge the gap with proven technology and new solutions.
Parity is the India’s premier Managed Service provider, with competence in on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud systems ranging from managed storage to complete data centres.
The Parity Multicloud Management Platform was created to make managing hybrid IT easier.

Security and Resiliency

Enterprises can uncover and accelerate the true value of cloud and digital technologies with the support of a secure and robust IT infrastructure.
Regardless of their size or complexity, Parity Security and Resiliency delivers the knowledge, services, and technology that help organisations maintain their critical systems safe, accessible, dependable, and recoverable.
While supporting growing compliance and audit demands, our integrated strategy helps you minimise comprehensive security and operational resilience threats for heterogeneous infrastructures, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

IT companies can improve productivity and reduce shadow IT by having complete insight into infrastructure and cloud utilisation.