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Parity, as an independent software testing firm, provides delicate and complete Software Testing services, backed by a devoted, competent, and skillful testing staff committed to continual quality improvement. Our defined standard testing procedure incorporates both human and automated testing. Our top priority is to provide improved quality at every stage of the project, achieve near-zero Post Delivery Defects, and achieve exceptional customer satisfaction through continuous analysis. We were able to well organize the quality practices at each break of the project thanks to the implementation of our comprehensive ticket management tool, which tracks the history of the tickets generated and has proven to be of great efficacy for issue analysis, rework perusal, and SLA exact matches reporting. Assuring software quality in terms of performance, security, and customer experience, among other things. To reach the desired outcome, our testing approaches allow the user to concentrate on one or more aspects. Our consistency, agile approach, and design-led solutions enable firms do more with less, allowing for ongoing evolution to meet changing client needs.

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Manual Testing Services


Our professionals mimic user behaviour through manual testing, following consistent protocols, testing the precise situation, and aiming to eliminate any unanticipated defects far before the real system deployment. Whether it’s in-house, third-party testing services, or bespoke development, the software we test is guaranteed to be dependable, quality-rich, and error-free thanks to our careful test cases and strategies.


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QA Testing

In outsourcing and out staffing, Parity takes a unique approach to quality assurance. In addition to our many years of expertise in outsourced software testing and QA services, you’ll get a free proof of concept and a faster communication process regardless of region or time zones. Our quality assurance services are based on the principles of reliability, efficiency, and expertise. We take great effort to ensure that all customer data and intellectual property are kept private and secure. Our professionals have considerable expertise working on large-scale and complicated projects and interact with SMEs and major corporations. We can provide top-notch testing services and advanced solutions to ensure that your software is of the greatest quality thanks to our comprehensive experience and cutting-edge technology.

Our Offerings:

  • Agile Testing:

In order to offer the new version, quick installation and constant verification of the software’s reliability and stability are required.

  • DevOps:

Continuous delivery, container management, blue-green deployment, and process automation are all examples of DevOps services.

  • QA Outsourcing;

Quality assurance outsourcing services for businesses of all sizes and types.At a fair cost, we can offer you with skilled people in the appropriate field.