Global organizations are now facing the challenge of ever increasing customer expectations. The customers expect world class services at affordable costs. In order to provide that, most companies take the vital decision of outsourcing the tedious and less important tasks to competent professionals.

Parity InfoTech Solutions is a leading provider of Business Process Transformation or Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. Our aim is to deliver improved business results through continuous strategic change. We also strive to achieve the goal of operation and transformation of the client’s business processes, applications and infrastructure. Our team then measures it against business outcomes in order to deliver expected results.

Right now, our Business Process Outsourcing offerings are aligned to three major constituencies that combine to form a company’s ecosystem. The clients’ relationships to these constituents are based around processes, activities and transactions that are often considered cost centers but which really represent opportunities to drive excellence and differentiate a company from its competition. The three constituencies we are focused upon are Finance and Administration, Customer relationship Management and Help Desk and After Sales Services.

Why select Parity InfoTech Solutions Business Process Outsourcing Services?

We bolster our horizontal offerings with deep vertical expertise, allowing us to offer much more than “one size fits all” solutions for our clients. The solutions we deliver would be focused on the specific needs of your organization as well as your customers.

Our commitment to continuously improving our internal processes to ensure 100% satisfaction of customers and accuracy of data makes us one of the best business processes outsourcing solutions provider.

We have worked with global clients with large data/support requirements as well as huge customer base. So, no outsourcing job is too big for us. Even if your outsourcing needs are vast, our focus on quality would never waver. After all, compromising on quality for quantity is an unwise business decision.

Our team is continuously aiming for changing its approach with regard to customer requirements. If you want your customers to be handled in a predefined manner, we would be happy to hear you out. If your approach seems more feasible, we would be glad to implement it within our processes.

All our internal team members have to pass several internal tests and undergo trainings to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. We also organize independent as well as internal process audits to ensure service level quality.

Are you a medical practitioner who wants to save the time spent in writing down summaries of cases? Are you an attorney who just needs the gist of your client’s medical condition to represent him or her in the court? Are you an insurance expert who needs help in deciding on the medical reimbursement status of a client?

If so then our timely, precise and qualitative medical record summary service is a must for you. We use valuable in-house tools to make sure that the summaries are prepared by medical experts who work as per your requirements. The scope of the service includes:

  • Summarizing medical bills
  • Tracking and recording hospital data like patient admission, treatment and discharge details
  • Analyzing medical data like diagnostics results, medical history, conclusions of medical exams, expert opinion on a disease, etc.
  • Summarizing individual medical cases
  • Transcribing handwritten data
  • Dividing bulk medical data into pre-defined categories
  • Organizing deposition testimonies.

Parity Systems offers Finance and Administration support to help streamline your financial processes and reduce the complexities of the administrative tasks. The key services we offer under the umbrella of Finance and Administration are:

Cost Accounting

Accounts Payables and Receivables

Intercompany Billing

Cash Application

Journal Entry Processing

Credit and Collections

Internal/External Financial Reporting

Budget and Forecasting

We understand the keeping a customer happy and satisfied is the prime of every business. Therefore, we have aligned our Outsourced Help Desk and After Sales Services to attain maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring quick resolution to their queries. The scope of our Help Desk and After Sales Services includes:

Constant Help Desk Support

Service After Sales

Repair Management

Field Services

Web based Self Service

Parts Logistics

Customer Support

Technical Support

Level 1-3 Support

Inventory Planning and Management

Service Request Support

Warranty Management

Parity Systems offers superior CRM Outsourcing Services that aim to satisfy your customers in the best possible manner. We constantly work towards increasing the level of customer satisfaction by offering on time and reliable solutions and reducing the wait time of the customers. Our Customer Relationship Management services encompass:

Customer Care

Warranty Service

Customer Analytics

Order Management

Field Service management

Call Centre Operations


Bills and Payments