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    Why 5G is seen as a game-changer for India

    The launch of 5G-enabled technologies is expected to be transformative in the telco and other industries by unlocking various disruptive new technologies. Global investment in the 5G industrial chain over 2020-2035 is likely to reach US$ 3.5 trillion 5G is around the corner…and there is an ever-increasing euphoria amongst the Telecom Service ...
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    7 Reasons Why Global IT Outsourcing Is A Smart Idea

    Global IT Outsourcing is a new concept and its popularity has swiftly increased in the past few years. The reason behind this change is that more and more companies are realizing the advantages of outsourcing some of its tedious tasks to companies working in other countries that specialize in taking on outsourcing jobs. Some of...
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    Startup - Parity InfoTech

    How Startups Are Better Than Large Companies In Terms Of Service Offerings?

    Startups have constantly been the second preference of companies seeking b2b services. But with the changing of times, this trend is rapidly changing. Most of the companies are realizing the value of services provided by the startups and they trust the startups for completion of vital jobs. The reason behind this is the failure of...
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    How Web Penetration In India Is Spreading Its Wings

    India is a rapidly developing economy that is connecting to the internet world in a swift manner and carving a unique place for itself in the world digital space. Though India’s adaption of internet has increased manifold in the recent past but still there’s a dire need of digitally connecting the entire population. To know...
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    Indian e-commerce_Parity

    How Indian E-Commerce Has Evolved With Time: The Past, The Present And The Future

    The growth of Indian e-commerce industry has made the life a lot better. People pay their bills online, plan travel with a few clicks and shop to their heart’s content without going anywhere. These reasons have contributed in making Electronic Commerce a flourishing industry that has compelled global players like Amazon and EBay to invest...